Hola, I'm Eduardo!

Visual designer for digital products (Ux/Ui)
and illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland.

About me

Hybrid designer with a wide experience in product design (UX/UI), visual branding, graphic design, illustration, textile design, and prints.

My goal is to provide human-centered design by facilitating access to and improving the usability of digital products and services.

🐆 🌿

I enjoy creating visual stories and interactive experiences to support communication and promote values of sustainability, education, and inclusion.

I love versatility in design, and I value collaboration and cultural diversity at work. ✨✍🏾


When not designing, you can find me tasting chocolate and writing about it at Hola Cacao, playing Mexican folk music and practicing Capoeira Angola and other Afro-Brazilian arts.

Currently accepting new projects. For inquires please get in touch at tejedordesign@gmail.com 

Pattern & Print design

Natural coloring 

Digital coloring & Rapport for fabrics

Handmade artwork

Mexican culture motifs

Handcrafted prints

Tejedor Design - Sustainable fashion

I am an entrepreneur who enjoys creating illustrations and prints inspired by Mexican culture, folk art and everyday objects. Find my printed products at my Shops in Finland/EU and USA/Mexico

Follow my instagram Tejedor Design for new releases.

Photographs by Cesar Carvajal photography.


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Natural colors from Mexican nature.

"Sustainable design and natural materials" by Eduardo Tejedor for Agroamigo magazine in Jalisco, Mexico October 2019.

Read the article (Spanish).


Get in touch at tejedordesign@gmail.com

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